SILKON Silicone Hydrogel Colour Lenses
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Colour Silkon
  • Packing: 2 lenses/ box 
  • Replacement: Monthly Disposable 
  • Material: Silicone Tripolymer
  • DK/DKT Value: 68.99/86
  • Water Content: 38%
  • Base Curve: 8.6 
  • Diameter: Innise Series-14.2mm; Manxion Series-14.5mm 
  • Power: Plano (0.00), -0.75~-6.00 (0.25 step), -6.00~-10.00 (0.50 step)


 Your Perfect Lens  

Our mission is to bring you the most comfort and best cosmetic lens to your window to the soul. We also understand that color its important for you! So we only produce the most natural and beauty color in our series! We are bringing you Your Perfect Lens.”

Silicone Hydrogel Color Contact Lenses
Extended wear. Increased comfort and performance.

The primary benefit of silicone hydrogel contact lenses is that it allows up to 5 times more oxygen to reach the cornea than regular hydrogel lenses. This reduce hypoxia condition (red eyes, corneal sewlling, blurred vision, eye discomfort and higher risk of eye infections).

What's in the box
  • 1 pair lenses in a Box 
  • FREE Lens Case